Monthly Motif Challenge Update

Hey everyone!
Do you do reading challenges throughout the year? Do you do ones set by others or do you make your own up?
I don’t really make my own up, but I try to read a book by a new author as much as I can. Not only does it help me break out and give other authors a chance, but it also helps them out as well! I do however try to do a few other book challenges throughout the year, one being the Monthly Motif Reading Challenge 2019 by Girl XOXO
this is my first time to really try to do every month. I only half did it last year so this year I want to make it to the end!

January- New to You Author

I actually started this read in December of 2018, but finished it on January 1, so I still counted it lol.


FebruaryCover Love

The cover is what drew me to read this and omg it is so good!


March- Royalty, Empires, Kingdoms, Government

Love a good forbidden royal romance


April – Crack the Case

(This book was a mix between and erotic romance with a splash of mystery.)

May- One Sitting Reads

Such a sweet romance read.

June- Diversify Your Reading

One word—– YUM.
Even if Drew & Trent are gay.


July- Through the Years

Still haven’t decided what I want to do for JULY but when I do, I’ll tag the post to #mm2019

August- Mode if Transportation

SeptemberAnimal, Color, Name, Number

OctoberTricks and Trades

NovemberSeasons, Elements, Weather

DecemberLast Chance


- megan

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